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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 3, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. it's like it-- [both] targets the blood. yeah, draws it right in. the test starts fast. you ne just a thir the blood of one touch.® okay. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. sure. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. can't i just have these? freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. good monday, everybody. happy new year. i'm contessa brewer, covering the big news coast to coast. the big story on capitol hill, it's a new year and a new congress, but a not-so-new agenda. >> it will be one big fight over the role of health care and should obama health care be in existence in 2012, the way it is today. >> starting wednesday, republicans will be in charge of half 6 congress, and they're ready to arrive apart the legislative victories. priority number one, repeal
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health care reform. >> i think it's amusing that the republicans have been spent so much time in 2010 arguing that the democrats should be spending more time on jobs than health care have the first thing to do spending more time on health care. >> lawmakers hope to tackle the federal debt, and right now america's credit card is about to hit the limit, and that could trigger a government shutdown. newly elected tea party republicans are looking to take a stand, like mike kelly of pennsylvania. >> speaking as an adult who has always paid his own way, i do understand what happens. >> the new republican chair of the house oversight committee, darrell issa says he's planning a slew of investigations on the impact of the stimulus and t.a.r.p. spending, what went wrong with fannie mae and freddie make, corruption in afghanistan, and why no one in
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the government stepped in to stop the wikileaks. >> these are not clearly or blatantly political. >> but no mention from republicans about the president's plan to overhaul the tax code. obama gets one last day in hawaii before heading back to washington tonight. his 2011 agenda inclusion a staff makeover and jobs. >> i'm willing to worn with anyone of either party who has a good idea and the commitment to see it through. >> but he'll have to figure out how to make new friends in the new congress. >> he'll find a partner if he comes our way in terms of creating jobs and controlling spending. john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent. good to see you today. are we going to see the new congress fighting health care, pushing back on spending, is bipar sanship just over? >> happy new year. they showed they can work
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together when they perceive it in their interest and when republican leaders decide they've got to act and avoid a catastrophic kind of gridlock situation. that's what happened on taxes. that's what i expect will happen on the debt limit which will ripen in march. john boehner has already said in a preemptive kind of warning we've got to be adults in this. we'll see whether he can control them, but both sides are going to have an impulse, have been cooperated in the lame duck to do some fighting to drawing some lines and that's why you see fred upton cease we'll have a quick vote in the house on repealing health care. that's not likely to go anywhere. the real action, but will be in the courts, but you'll see the admission drawing lines around spending priorities, on energy, education. >> then let's get into that.
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boehner has promised major spending cuts. they won't be politically popular for any lawmakers to go back to his folks and say, look, we're making these cuts, but if somebody wants to be a grownup, you have to do some long-term budget planning. how do they accomplish that? >> the administration has even opening in this report that was laid down by the simpson-bowles commission in september, that outlines ways on social security and to cut money throughout the budget. the question for me is does the administration look to make a long-term big deal with the republican congress, or are there a small set of symbolic steps they try to take to prove to the american people, but hold off the big deal, tax reform, until later. >> john, thank you for joining us today. >> you bet. more than 1,000 supporters
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are rushing in line to defend the commander. the navy calls the videos clearly inappropriate. the spoof movies were made about five years ago on the "uss enterprise" while the aircraft carrier was deployed in the middle east. and the second in command had a starring role. at best they can be described as locker room humor, but they obtain offensive language, same-sex shower scenes and masturbation spoofs. where do they stand for owen -- >> i spoke with an official who indicated that the pentagon and certainly senior leadership wants this over with and dealt with, which about the only way that could happen is if in fact the commander -- or captain honors is relieved of his command. the navy does have an investigation under way to determine if he should face any
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disciplinary action. what about his immediate commanders aboard the "uss enter price" four years ago when the commanders were made aware of that, yet took no decisive, formal disciplinary action. military officials here within the building want to get this over with in a hurry, contessa. >> it's interesting, jim. on the video, the commander even says -- captain at the time, he says, look, i know there's been offense taken at this, but pretty much too bad. yet today you've got 1,100 people who have signed on to a facebook group say we support captain op honors. buzz sorenson says these movies are always a tradition on carriers and always risque. rachel woch writes, they're
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being interpreted by people who have no idea what water hours are. do you get the sense from people in the pentagon there's a by of chagrin about how frequently this kind of humor makes its way on board and this is the one that's landing this captain in hot water? >> there's humor, and then there's humor. what we're being told by senior military officials is they are aware these videos have been made over the years, and quite frankly, you can go on youtube and see quite a few of them, but in this term, in these videos, it's clear according to military officials that captain honors stepped over the line in many case. i find much of it to be reprehensible and offensive quite frankly, as do many other senior commanders. one retired senior military commander quite familiar, as a matter of fact, with captain honors, said that what honors
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failed to recognize is you can be a leader, but you cannot be an entertainer, otherwise you're just another video on youtube. jim, thank you. it leads me into my big question today, what kind of military commander thinks it's a good idea to play the clown to boost more real? i'd like to hear your thoughts on this. we'll go through some of your responses later. nasty weather is creating more problems for people driving between southern and central california, up to 6 inches of blowing snow and icy conditions force people to shut down i-5, the main highway between central and southern parts of that state. dozens of motorists got stranded or had minor accidents on the highway sunday afternoon. it's being described by australians as deadly flooding of biblical proportions. it could be weeks before the waters recede. at least nine people have died in the disaster, the damage which is now estimated at sdwlr
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814 million is widespread. weeks of torrential rain are blamed for the washouts. they now cover a 22-town area, larger than both france and jerchy combined. animal experts are warning residents beware of flood-displaced spiders, snakes and crocodiles which could now be hiding in their homes. michael steele faces off with four challengers who just want him to go. they're not alone. politico reports more than half of the political committees members say they're not going to vote for his reelection. princeella, good to see you today. >> good to see you, contessa. >> does steele have a chance here? >> no, i want to preface my comments by saying i'm a personal friend of chairman steele. my first job out of the college
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was to work on his senate bid, but the truth matter is the rnc is $20 million in debt, and it's very hard to defend. you pile that on top of the unfortunate gaffs and the fact that 2012 is such an importantee for republicans. it's just going to be hard for him to make a case. >> the political director here, gentry collins was making his own bid to be the gop head, but he dropped out of the race. he instead released a scathing letter saying the party has no money, soon it will be faced with unpaid bills. you have doug hyde who announced he will be leaving ahead of this reelection race. who have doze as being the primary front-runner to be the next head of the rnc? >> first, my hat is off to doug high. he did the best he could under
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challenging circumstances. the most qualified persons hand down is maria ceno. there are only 168 people that vote for this position, three members from each state. so a lot of people view maria's challenges as kind of too tied into the establishment. in a year where the tea party is screaming so loudly, i think a lot of the members are going to be looking to people like rains prebis. he's from wisconsin, a very brilliant person. i think he has a heft of endorsement in henry barbour, who is the nephew of haley barbour. prebis looks to have a strong lead. >> one more question, we sauce the a lot of transfer got transferred to the governors'
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association and the campaign arms of the senate republicans, the house republicans. is the rnc irrelevant at this point? >> that's a very good question. if there's not a competent chairman elected this time, the rnc will be irrelevant for this simple reason. we cannot -- president obama will have a machine out of this world in 2012. it's just the truth. he's going to put up the biggest fight we have ever seen and there's no way that republicans have a shot at all without any infrastructure at the rnc. if there is not a competent chairman, which by the way i think any of the people remaining in the race would do a good job, then yeah, the rnc would be irrelevant. >> any people remaining in the race, including michael steele? >> i think michael steele's chances are very slim. i think any of the other remaining people would do a fine job, and i'll say this one more
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time. republicans cannot win on third-party groups alone, so we had better pick a good chairman this time. >> i appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you. in semis out of the pakistan. security officials declare one-time aide to osama bin laden was killed when a drone acraft hit a on december 28th. al wahishi is described as a former private secretary. u.s. officials have not confirmed that death. now that a key voting bloc is lining up behind a single candidate. plus thousands of dead birds falling from the sky and hundreds of thousands of dead fish washing up on the shore of the arkansas. what in the world is going on? . i'm bob kearn,
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we're watching for a hearing in about an hour in orel in the case of a mom killing her own daughter. defense attorneys want to prohibit two state witnesses from testifying about their sexual relationship with casey anthony. the trial is due to start in may. anthony's lawyers say her testimony about the affairs is scandalous, prejudicial and irrelevant to the charges. in arkansas, preliminary autopsies have been conducted on the blackbirds. they landed on rooftops, on streets, lawns across a mild stretch of town. officials say they died because
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of the multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs. it appears they suffered a midair collision. more than 100 miles northwest of that town know ozark, officials are investigating the mysterious deaths of about 100,000 fish. officials say the fish are sick and had some sort of dizzy es. this month the chicago mayor's race begins in earnest. already the field is narrowing. rahm emanuel is the early front-runner. after a few high-profile withdrawals from the race, carol moseley braun has emerged. jesse jackson is the president of the rainbow push collision based in chicago. good to see you today, ref right-hand. >> happy new year. >> how important in this next mayor to chicago's future? >> you know, it's a big deal,
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because chicago has such a tremendous imbalance in employment, contracts, chicago has been built so strongly around the central downtown chicago, but out in the districts where president obama was the organizer, there's unemployment, record-breaking home foreclosures. you look at the distribution of jobs and contracts there, just are imbalanced, so we're looking to find someone who can hear the conscience, and carolyn moseley braun has ran three times. so her credentials with the big-tent vision are substantial. >> you have gotten the credit for some of the back-room wheeling and dealing that -- >> wow. >> -- that convinced the other two candidates, danny davis and state senator james meeks.
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in the most recent poll, reverend, they were returning ahead in terms of support ahead of carol moseley braun. in your mind, what makes her the better candidate than those other two? >> i think when you look at the broad scape, they share a message, and money and machinery. she was able to atracked a broad base of resources. they determined at the end of the day that all three felt they were qualified, but only one could run and win. it just seemed as if mr. sheriff dott could not run against rahm emanuel and in the past when mr. daley and mr. burns ran against each other -- so we tried to solidify a body that embodied the message. and carol, having won three times, rahm ran for congress and won, but she is the one who ran
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citywide, she's formidable. the crisis we have now is that the level of -- we started a campaign and asked all those who are searching for jobs to bring their resumes. over 1,000 people in two days came up. people are desperate for jobs, so jobs -- >> a lot of the problems that chicago faces are mirrored in other big cities around the nation. it's understandable whoever wins this race has a major challenge ahead of them. to that end there's been a lot of talk about who is an outsider, who knows chicago, and carol moseley braun warned former president bill clinton not to come into town and campaign for rahm emanuel. he's an outsider parachuting in, he should stay home and avoid the cold. does bill clinton risk his relationship with the african-american community if he comes in and campaigns for the person he thinks is best for this job and it happens to be rahm emanuel?
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>> well, i hope not. i think people are disappointed, but it should not be a distraction. i remember when senator kennedy and mondale caught in to support -- and if moan day and kennedy had been successful, a hole flow of history may have been altered, because harold did win, and i ran in '84 and put on 2 million new voters and got the senate back. in '88 we got proportionality, and now the surgeon for carol moseley braun and now president obama. the whole flow of history was depending on our success in '83. so there are those that appeal too president clinton that please don't come, it should not distract us from the urban policy. right now we have an urban policy agenda deficit. that's our real focus. right now we don't have a
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comprehensive one. >> reverend jackson, always a pleasure to talk to you. happy new year, sir. >> same to you, thank you. a battle involving guns and grenades, it's all caught on camera. we have more on that ahead. hot on the web today, lots of publicity surrounding an a test. johnson & johnson announced it's joining some scientists in four centers to start studying the experimental tell, the goal is to develop a test so sensitive that it will detect a single cancer cell. a glitch leaves snoozer snoozing this weekend. not only the first weekend of the new year, but also the first monday. i saw one popped up 12 minutes ago. iphone users said they promised the problem wouldn't happened this monday, but the fail makes
12:24 pm
it into the hot topics today. americans watch more tv than ever in 2010. nielsen, the tv ratings company says total viewing rose about 100, so the average person watched 34 hours a week, almost a full-time job. look, folks, i work in tv, so i needed to do better in 2011. i'm pretty sure if you try, you can make it to 35 hours a week of television viewing. if all of those hours happened to be devoted to msnbc, so much the better. we'll be right back. for pain? oh, bayer aspirin? i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. it works great for pain. [ male announcer ] nothing's proven to relieve pain better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. feel better? yeah. thanks for the tip. you struggle to control your blood sugar.
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12:28 pm
investigating, deputy suzanne hopper was gunned down when the door to a trailer opened. the 12-year veteran leaves behind her husband, two children, family and of course colleagues. her sheriff had trouble keeping his emotions in check as he described what happened. >> the person inside fired one gunshot blast, striking the deputy and fatally wounding a deputy. >> police tried to talk the suspect out of the hiding b. but he opened fire again. he shot another officer who was taken to the hospital with a collapsed lung. the suspect michael ferryman was found dead on the scene. it's unknown if his wounds were self-inflicted. city officials will finally start collecting the garbage. boy, is it piling up, and some spots are beginning to stink.
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welcome back. dollar general plans to open 625 new stores this year, as well as hire more than 6,000 workers. that store will branch out into connecticut, nevada and new hampshire. facebook has two very generous friends, goldman sachs and a russian investor. they gave $500 million to the social networking site. facebook is now valued at $50 billion. zsa zsa gabor is in a hospital. doctors are concerned about a lesion that is not healing. and chuck barry is
12:33 pm
recovering from heat exhaustion. he collapsed while performing at a show in chicago this weekend. president obama's time in the hawaiian sun is just about over. he'll leave his beach vacation tonight and mike viqueira, just another day of assignment in hawaiian. so mike, the president is heading home to cooler temperatures, and what could be a chilly reception from newly invigorated republicans. >> reporter: we very well put, contessa. it's aloha for president obama since about two weeks. he grew up here. had i'll be arriving sometime tomorrow, leaving late tonight hawaii time. right into the frying pan, though considerably chili there, as you point out. yesterday on the sunday public affairs programs, republicans were talking tough. incoming chairman in the house, they take over the house on wednesday.
12:34 pm
he'll have a vote to repeal the president's health care plan before the state of the union. another incoming chairman says he wants to see eric holder shape up or resign from his post. lots of tough talk, likely to include the economy and jobs. republicans focusing on the debt, and deficit spending, and spending at large trying to cut the side of government. there are inevitably going to be claushs to come, contessa, the president will be heading right back into that partisan atmosphere. the wave he rode, if you'll pardon the pun, coming to hawaii, signing all those bills, most people think that will not last. >> mike, thanks for joining us today. i hope you get a kick out of what the last day of your real work assignment is out there. >> reporter: i'll try. jan brewer will take the oath of office today. she game governor in 20209 when janet napolitano left for
12:35 pm
washington. one of her high-profile news was when she signed that law. arizona is not the only state targeting illegal immigrants. in fact, some states are considering laws that go way beyond arizona's measures. what do you think needs reform in texas when it comes to who is there and who is not, legally or illegally. >> we've been saying years, contessa, and thank you for having me today, the federal government, as everyone knows, to secure the border, but they're not. i've been to arizona, i've met with their folks, sheriffs, legislators, i've studied the issues, talked to lots of folks, everyone agrees that we have a problem on our border, and since the federal government refuses to act, we have no choice but to
12:36 pm
act. two bills will be introduced, onesh for cities that do not want to follow federal or state law, and the second will give our police the ability to ask for a person's being legally present in the state upon a lawful stop. it's not a profile bill, but if i'm pulled over and i don't have my driver's license with me and i'm speeding, i will be asked if i'm legally present in the state. so i think we have taken the arizona law, improved it, made it better. it's workable for our police, and then once a police officer says to someone are you legally present, because they don't have any identification, we then give the discretion to the officer to take a next step. is it an arrest? detaining that person? we have no choice, contessa. it is breaking our budget. in texas we have a huge deficit like other state.
12:37 pm
illegal immigration impacts the cost of education, health care, incarceration. states do three things, and illegal immigration is impacting all the states across the nation. we have laws on the books that we defend and defend our border or we don't, and we have tore serious about this. excuse my cold over the holiday. many people in the hispanic community support these ideas who were born in this country and support a secure border. >> so let me bring in maria teresa comar, the executive director of voto latino. when you hear the ways that illegal immigrants are breaking states, what is the common approach? >> well, i think, first of all, let's take a step back and look at the numb business of immigration. because of the recession, you have close to 60% of
12:38 pm
undocumented immigration has gone down. no other president has deported more unauthorized individuals in this country in its industry, 400,000 deportations alone just in the first 12 month. so we need to find sensible legislation. this idea the arizona law, sv-1070, it was completely gutted by the federal courts, because it was racial profiling in its intent. the biggest problem with a lot of this legislation is it tried a band-aid effect. imagine having 50 states each pass their own immigration laws. >> and that's what the courts are saying right now, and one of the things they want to arizona is you're overstepping your boundaries, enforcement of our immigration laws is left up to the federal government, so it could be left up to the states to make their own laws regarding enforcement, but senator
12:39 pm
patrick, let me ask you about another piece of legislation on the books. 292 would seek to deny fwirt certificates top babies born to illegal immigrant parents. that basically takes away part of our constitution. are you suggesting that texas laws should -- >> go ahead, first of all, that's not my bill, that's a federal issue and i'm not going to address other people's legislation. >> but you'll be asked to vote on that legislation. >> it's not going to come to pass in the texas legislature. people can file whatever bills they choose to, but i think most americans think that our country should not give away birth right to people who come here. but that's not a texas issue or arizona issue, that's a federal issue. let's not get off the point. let me go back to what maria said. the arizona law was not gutted. this is a law and order issue. we have over two thirds of the
12:40 pm
border with mexico pretty much falls across texas. we know that we have people who have come into our country across our border with countries of interest. it's also an interest about terror. we kind of get distracted, and is it antihispanic or antiimmigration? it's not. we need sensible immigration. if i were the president running in 2012, and i'm not, but if i were, i would guaranty teeth the american public that 90% of people crossing the border illegally would end in the first two years or i would step down. we can secure our border. >> how would you do that? >> it's very simple. it's boots on the ground. first of all, we would send thousands of our national guard troops to our borders. secondly, we would send block grant money to the county sheriffs so they have the second line of defense. third, increase the punishment to the drug car tells who are now in the people smuggling business as well as drug smuggling business. i would make it a death penalty
12:41 pm
issue for any drug smuggler with a certain amount of drugs, that would be a death penalty issue and lower amounts would be serious jail time. look, the drugs coming across our border, the illegal people, the gang members, we have to stop this. we have a responsible to the american people -- >> wait, wait. let me get in here for one second. i have to say, senator, i feel uncomfortable painting every illegal immigrant with a broad brush of being a drug cartel criminal. >> contessa -- >> let me finish, there are a lot of undocumented workers who live in the united states that are not criminals except for the fact they are here illegally. >> i didn't suggest -- wait a minute, you made an accusation. >> that's the argument that gets made all the time. >> i'm not making that argument. you made it, and i'm not going to let you speak for me, contessa. i didn't say that. what i said is it's a multifaceted problems.
12:42 pm
i have gang members, people just coming to america to support your families, you're right. we need a legal immigration system that allows them to come here legally. would should anyone support having to sneak into this country in the back of an 18-wheeler. >> i think this is a fundamental problem is we're talking apples and oranges. one is we have an immigration of 12 million undocumented individuals. how do we take care of this, make sure they come out of the shadows, paying that you are taxes and they're not being taken advantage of. then i think we can agree we need safer borders and we're also not sending arms back to mexico, but we have to take care of the 12 million -- >> maria, you and i could sit down and probably figure this out. >> its a multifaceted problem. one thing when you're talking
12:43 pm
about -- >> but you have to secure the border. >> absolutely. >> but you have to do it simultaneously. we can't -- >> no you can't do -- >> but we have a northern border that doesn't quite require quite this much argument or attention, and we don't suggest sundaying thousands of boots to the northern border to secure that one. >> no, because we don't have the issue on the northern border like we do on the southern border. >> you do have the issue when it comes to actually smuggling -- >> it's disengenous to say it does. >> i have to end the conversation. this is like -- i know what this is. this is a three-hour dinner conversation, so we'll get together. >> we need more than four minutes. >> we do. >> and i appreciate the four minutes. >> maria, thank you so much for the expert you lend to the discussion. >> thank you so much, contessa. on to the session of garbage. new york city's situation, both
12:44 pm
a blessing and curse. the city got thousands of complaints. so finally the sanitation officials began collecting what has become mountains of trash, but for one person this pileup may have been the saving grace. police say a man tried to commit suicide by leaping from the ninth floor window, but survived because he landed on a pile of uncollected garbage. he's now in the hospital and they say thinks condition is critical. lindsay lohan is expected out of rehab for tomorrow while someone else is heading in. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight
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the game won't even be out until march, but it's already the it video game. but nintendo is warning parents not all youngsters should be allowed to woi with it. children 6 and younger should avoid the game entirely because of ill effects because of the
12:48 pm
special effects. dan see berg is here to discuss it. if you have a kid who's 7 and you hear that warning, will you want them to play with it? >> i think you're worried about it. the difference with the 3ds is you don't need the glasses. this is a big appeal for anyone using this gaming device, and they'll still get that effect, and of course they'll have it on the go, which potential means more exposure to it. >> when people went to see james cameron's 3-d movie "avatar" there were lots of complaints about people getting headaches, motion sickness, that kind of things. it's so real that -- >> you get caught up in it? >> that's a part of it. but the other concern is kids' eyes are still developing. they say it takes until about the age of 6 or 7 are being in this 3-d world.
12:49 pm
we're not born into the world having this perfect three-dimensional vision, so the concern is prolonged exposure to something like the nintendo 3ds -- >> other companies have all issued similar warnings. >> exactly. this is not just related to the 3ds, but it could potential harm younger people's vision. >> older people are okay? >> to a certain extent, buttic be concerned about it if if you're using it other seeing it all the time. there is a manual switch on the 3ds to turn it from p-did to 2-did, but if you're a kid how hard is it to switch it back? >> it's almost as if you're a space technology as well as a health expert. >> they're all intertwined.
12:50 pm
>> and congratulation on the brand-new baby girl. a lot happening in the top of the hour, there will be a debate for the candidates running to head the rnc. michael steele will square off against four other people. mark dayton will be sworn in as the new governor of minnesota. he'll host an inaugural ball on saturday. and for that ball, it's $30 for a ticket, $15 for students and people who have low incoming. the new governor of wisconsin will also be sworn in in about ten minutes. scott walker. we'll be right back. [ coughing ]
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lindsay lohan is expected to get her walking papers out of rehab today. last september a judge ordered
12:54 pm
the 24-year-old to spend 90 days at a treatment facility after lohan failed two drug tests. on saturday she tweeted "today is the first day of the rest of my life." then she quoted a line from mahatma gandhi. dr. john sharp is a psychiatrist and neuropsychiatrist and also the author of "the emotional calendar." it sounds like she needs to do just that, is she well positioned? >> this will be an important season for lindsay. she has to actually begin her life again, design it so she can have a basis for her health and well-being. >> and if you were to help her design that life, what would it be like? >> first to stay in rehab as long as, and have the details of
12:55 pm
a plan, and it looks like she's taking extra time to do that. the traditional idea is stay away from stress, stay away from places where people are drinking and drugging. she can't just move to vermont or stay near the betty ford center. she's got to figure out a way to find a new place to live and surround herself with the love and support that can knowingly help her stay on the right track. >> her mom has suggested new york is a better option than hollywood. are there any role models she can look to who have successfully navigated that path to a sane, sober life? >> sure, just trying to get away isn't the answer. new york may not be the best rehab environment. robert downey is one and drew barrymore is another. when she was at her low point, she got an out-of-reach from david crosby and his wife. they took her into their home. they knew what she
12:56 pm
drinking. definitely the arrow goes on both sides of the line. >> thank you, dr. sharp. oop contessa brewer, that wraps up another hour. i'll seal you back here at noon eastern. up next andrea mitchell is talking to elijah cummings about the new look of the 112th congress.
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no big storms to talk about today, just nice tranquil conditions to start the new year. sunny skies, beautiful from boston to washington, d.c., not as warm as the weekend. detroit and chicago on the cool side, but dry, chance of showers in l.a., and a bit of light snow in minneapolis. well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad. so, they give expedia ginormous discounts with these: unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. my brain didn't even break a sweat. where you book matters. expedia.
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